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Our Team

Our Team

Who says you can’t choose your family?

You probably won’t find us all at the malt shop ordering one milkshake with multiple straws, but we definitely dig the people we work with – and what’s not to love?

This is our passion.

We’re all professionals at the top of our game who are dead-set on revolutionizing the world of online media – and we’re going to have fun doing it. The result is an environment that never fails to inspire, challenge and encourage. We are what we create: a force that simultaneously reflects and changes the world.

We work at what we do because we love it. We do it so well because we love where we work – and above all, we admire and respect the people we work with and for. It’s this perfect harmony that allows our team to consistently design and implement powerful and persuasive boundary-breaking online marketing solutions.

John Moore John Moore PRESIDENT & CEO

John is the beating heart of iSTORM and living proof that like attracts like. After 20 years in the industry - 16 as the President and CEO of iSTORM NEW Media and inSITE Communications - John is undisputably one of the top minds in his field. It’s this reputation (combined with the fact he is probably the friendliest guy on the planet) that’s made it easy for him to attract a team of like-minded visionaries to work by his side.

When he’s not busy charming the socks off everyone, John can be found revolutionizing the world of web marketing and development with his innovative genius. John’s spent over 18 years specializing in marketing, online business solutions, website design, search engine optimization and custom application development. The last 12 of those years have been spent focusing on helping clients grow and maintain their online businesses, with both a local and international focus. In fact, John is the mastermind behind the development of the web repositioning for Canada Post “Collections” magazine. He is also the architect and developer for a java server based classified ad engine for London Free Press and Sun Publishing Group .

Other notable achievements include creating a site membership web database with over one million customer registrations, acting as the Chief Architect and Developer for an automated marketing expert system, and development of a product addition to the OTMP interim website. Don’t let his relentless pursuit of excellence fool you - as long as you don’t write him an email in Times New Roman, John is super easy-going. He’s the sort of guy you’d give a vital organ to after only meeting a couple of times. OK, maybe not your heart, but a kidney, some skin, or part of your liver.

Sam Khan Sam Khan Vice President of Operations & Business Development

This is the guy the double-guns were made for. With 15 years experience expertly managing massive web development initiatives and programs, Sam Khan is the king of cool, confidence and collaboration. He lives for a good strategy session and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Ever. And we mean ever.

His moxy has earned him accolades for his work with the Government of Canada, notably Environment Canada, DFAIT, Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage, the Treasury Board of Canada and PWGSC. He has also spent 3 years as an EiR (Entrepreneur in Residence) for Invest Ottawa and Launch Lab. From online marketing, business strategy and analysis, operations, finance, project management and sales, this guy can and will do it all. Except write grammatically sound correspondence. Seriously. It makes his third grade teacher cry. Just don’t judge him for it. Even Superman had a weakness.

Phone: 613-547-5252 ext. 204 | Email: [email protected]

Leanne Sagriff Leanne Sagriff CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Beneath Leanne’s unassuming demeanour dwells a creative powerhouse. Since graduating from St. Lawrence College’s Graphic Design program with Honours 15 years ago, Leanne has been rocking the online world with her fresh and inspired multi-media designs for print, websites, branding, apps and user interfaces.

Chances are you’re already familiar with her work. Leanne’s been the lead designer on contracts ranging from Ontario Tourism, Redken Canada, Queen’s University, Hotel de Glace and Niagara Parks Commission. Whether it be MAC or PC, Leanne can harness and weld the power of any platform with the ease and athleticism of an Olympic gymnast. Just don't ask her to do a back handspring - or defy her love of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Dan van Staalduinen Dan van Staalduinen DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY

The ever-patient, ever-diligent and ever-impressive Dan has been the technological backbone of iSTORM for over a decade. He has his BSc Honours in Computer Science from Queen’s University and extensive experience in developing with PHP, Java, C, C++. He’s completed his MySQL Performance Tuning certification and has 9 years experience in Secure and Scalable Server Architecture. In other words, he can turn tech nightmares into dreams and dreams into realities - and no matter how many times you lock yourself out of your computer, he will reset the password without calling you a jackass.

Meet more of our hard working team…

Vincent Cinanni Vincent Cinanni Senior Web Developer
Vincent Cinanni Tom Musters DEVELOPER
Vincent Cinanni Atif Rahman DEVELOPER
Vincent Cinanni David ‘Sid’ Harnden Marketer
Vincent Cinanni Laura Quesnel OFFICE MANAGER
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