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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

We are more than just web designers; we are web enthusiasts who analyze, create, innovate and inspire with every product we release.

We begin with you

Since 1999 we have been designing and managing thousands of cultivating, profit-generating, community engaging websites for our clients. There’s simply no substitute for our experience. We know our business and have the knowledge, power and insight to gauge what works and what doesn't work for our clients.

Our mission is to engage your clients using a strategic web design optimization approach that allows us to build a data-driven site that aligns with your overarching business objectives. Yes, design is important, but to build the right design we have to uncover what is right for your business. We do this by mapping out your goals and syncing them with user behaviour. The result is a synergetic design that increases traffic and drives the sales process.

You don’t get to the top by being complacent, and that’s why we’re constantly evolving.

In addition to custom website design and development, we provide custom content management solutions, responsive website design, e-commerce development, domain name management as well as web-hosting and maintenance. We are also well-versed in designing, developing and maintaining websites using various off-the-shelf solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and SquareSpace (among many others).

There’s nothing we can’t do. Just ask.

Content Management System

Boost your productivity and security with one simple tool. The iSTORM web-based Content Management System (CMS) is founded on modular framework, which allows you to easily create customized modules to suit unique needs. The three tiered permissions system guarantees that all content changes are authorized and secured and the review system facilitates efficient and easy proofing of content to ensure you've got it right before making it available to your clients.

Our content management system is designed to help you be more streamlined in the optimization of your website content. We provide SEO driving tools that will help guide you through the process of 100% effective SEO-friendly content.

Responsive Website Design

Not everyone accesses your website with the same device, which is why responsive website design is so crucial. Responsive design automatically tailors your website to suit any device, thereby creating an optimal viewing experience for every visitor, every single time.

This smart technology adapts seamlessly to PC, smartphones, notebooks, tablets and accounts for different screen sizes and resolutions. Responsive website design is nothing short of athletic in it’s scope and abilities, allowing every user to see your site at it’s best without necessitating a whole new website design for each device.

Custom Web Development

Attention to detail, specialization, efficiency and user-friendly format contribute to the success of our custom website development . We work in multiple platforms and are certified and educated at the highest level to ensure that your website will perform, convince and convert. We also offer reporting systems to keep on top of trends and customer relationship management to ensure you're effectively reaching your target clientele. Our content management tool makes adjusting website content simple and our analytic reports send you all the most recent data on your site's activity.

Custom website development is ideal for brands with truly specialized needs - needs that our more generalized services may not adequately address. iSTORM’s custom website design service is built on your business objectives. We provide our sage advice, recommendations and skill to help you meet and surpass your goals for your brand.

E-Commerce Development

We've developed a secure and comprehensive e-commerce platform which caters to specific business needs. Our services feature a user-friendly and streamlined checkout process, which effectively minimizes the steps between purchase and checkout. We also provide a thorough e-commerce analysis and secure payment processing.

s a more specialized service, our custom store design has also been incredibly popular, allowing us to create an e-commerce solution that’s perfectly tailored for your needs and the needs of your customers. Our team combines our talents with your vision to bring the heart and soul of your business online.

Domain Name Management

Your domain name is your ground zero. It's perhaps the most important jumping off point for any brand. Securing a domain name gives your business a presence, a home and an identity. It's your calling card for your clients. In fact, a strategic and ideally implemented system of domain names can give you a significant edge over your competition. This is why it's so vital to manage your domain name (or names) properly.

Whether you need help with creation, consolidation, transfer, renewal or securing of your domain names, we can help. Our services streamline domain name management, effectively taking a time-consuming and multi-step task and making it super easy. There’s a lot to consider, and if you don’t have the knowledge, time and resources, the whole process can be overwhelming. Thankfully,we’re the master of our domain, and we can help you be the master of yours.

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Once we've got your website up and running, we stay right by your side and help you along the way. After all, launching a ship is one thing, keeping it afloat is another. There are a couple ways we can get you cruising:

  1. You take the helm. We offer extensive training to your staff to help familiarize them with our custom content management tool.
  2. Leave it to us. Alternatively, you may want to opt to have us stay on for complete site maintenance.
  3. High-quality, bank-level security to keep your information and data as safe as possible.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s imperative that you do something. The online world evolves quickly, and you need to continually change with it if you want to stay in the game. We’re here to help.

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Our mandate is to use our ability to innovate in order to access, catalogue and analyze online data to drive our strategies and market your brand successfully online. In other words, we create media that moves.

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