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iSTORM’s collective talent is unlike any group you will find. Our passion is unmatched.

Hand-picked our team from a highly successful venture, we’re a full-service web development and marketing company that combines technical prowess, creative design, results-driven marketing and precision project management. The result is the perfect storm of marketing genius. We’re a force of nature.

This is who we are.

Our team is as diverse as it is talented, coming from all over the world and bringing distinct expertise to the table – a rare convenience that allows us to complete even the most complex multi-disciplined projects in-house. We know we’re not in the business of blending in. This is why we aren’t a group of people who hold to a singular, myopic vision; we’re, however, a team of visionaries who are dedicated to single-mindedly nurturing yours.

Here is what we do.

iSTORM New Media has a proven track record for delivering web solutions that are on time, on budget and on target. Since 2000, we’ve helped our clients generate over $200 million dollars online via online marketing, custom applications, social media, targeted ad buys and offline promotion. Many of our clients have grown with us, with relationships that extend over the entire life of the company - and all over the world. Our business travels have taken us from Malaysia to LA, Vancouver to Quebec City, New York and London to Malta, but we always come home.

Home is where our heart is.

Our people are not only the very best minds in the industry, but they’re also at the heart of our business. We’re lucky to be located in Kingston - a city built on vision with a rich history of perseverance that continually attracts incredible people with similar qualities. It’s inspiring to be around – and the energy is contagious. The team at iSTORM has acted as the creative impetuous behind some of the best branding in the world. Our approach is not just to make pretty sites, but to produce sites and strategies that work over the long-term with business logic built-in from the start. We focus on the flow of campaigns to maximize both conversion and ROI for our clients. We view everything we do as building blocks to a much longer relationship.

We help companies see the measurable value in taking their game to the next level – and we’ve done it using our award-winning blend of substance and style.From tourism to health and fitness, from small businesses to corporations, we’ve used hard facts and mind-blowing creativity to show our clients exactly how they can out-perform, out-rank and outshine every single one of their competitors – and then we’ve made it happen.

So make it happen for you. Drop us a line and see what we can do for your business.

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Our Specialties Include…

A strong technical background

Website development and design
Data mining and modeling
Database and market analysis

Customized marketing software development

Advertising services, tracking and analysis
Market analysis and market planning
Search engine optimization

Partner integration and support

Multi-lingual support and marketing
Customer Support Services
Technical support
Large scale hosting solutions

Google Partner iSTORM is an official Google Partner

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Our mandate is to use our ability to innovate in order to access, catalogue and analyze online data to drive our strategies and market your brand successfully online. In other words, we create media that moves.

We’re industry leaders for a reason, so get ready to get inspired and be inspiring. Contact us today.